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About Us

If your business problems are due to a software development effort gone awry, we very likely have a solution.

If the only obstacle standing between you and the successful delivery of your software is a problem that lies just beyond the reach of your current resources, call us for a ‘no-obligation’ assessment.

We specialize in providing supplemental expertise to existing software development initiatives.  Although our primary focus is start-up and high-growth companies, we have also been very successful at injecting a renewed sense of entrepreneurial spirit into moribund corporate environments.  We are the 'special ops' of the software development world.  We build long term relationships based on a proven ability to get in, get the job done, and then get out—quickly.

For over 20 years, we have been the vendor of choice when it comes to solving difficult software development problems.  From requirements definition to customer support, device drivers to distributed processing—our depth and breadth of experience provides us with a unique ability to solve extremely difficult problems.  Most of our customers have found us to be the only vendor capable of solving their problems.

If you absolutely, positively, need field-proven best-of-breed solutions to your real-world software development problems today, let bektek solutions, inc. show you the way.

Contact Information

Webmaster: webmaster@bektek.net

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