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Of all our offerings, the Virtual Developer line of services are far and away the most popular.  Here at bektek solutions, inc., our core client-base is primarily composed of our own peers.  They tend to be self-selected consumers of what they believe to be the best software development services available at any cost.  The fact that our solutions are often orders of magnitude more cost-effective than our competitors is icing on the cake.

Any individual charged with the responsibility of providing solutions to a fickle and demanding market knows that you must operate at peak efficiency.  Any shop can 'put on a show' by demonstrating how busy their staff can be.  But unguided or misdirected activity–no matter how efficient–is only activity.  To attain effective results, you must know how best to apply your limited resources.

Unfortunately, many of our clients initially come to bektek solutions, inc. after their software development projects have already failed.  They have already fallen victim to unqualified resources (either through the lure of what turns out to be unrealistically cheap prices, or large-vendor bait and switch tactics).  These opportunities represent our most difficult assignments.  They are tough projects due to a relative lack of remaining resources; both dollars and calendar days, and the fact that their failure has already placed extreme stress on those left behind to clean up the mess.  Many times we arrive immediately after a reorganizationafter 'heads have rolled'; these are hostile and stressful environments at best.

Our 'rescue operations' are where bektek solutions, inc. can almost always demonstrate the ultimate value of our services.  And yes, some projects are not worth salvaging–we'll tell you so.  Although our core competencies were forged in these challenging environments, they have also proven to be exponentially more effective the earlier they are integrated into any development process.

In a perfect world, we would only take orders for 'original' work.  Based on our established track record, we could expect to avoid serious problems.  But in the real world, we find that nothing teaches better than failure.  In our case, we often find ourselves in the position of dissecting many of our competitor's failures.  What we have learned over a 20 year span is that the tendency in the software development community is often to generate feverish activity, while ignoring where that activity is leading.

Here at bektek solutions, inc. we believe in the old saying: "work smarter, not harder".  We have found a simple truth which spans all development projects–it pays to do it right the first time.  Unfortunately, the inverse is also always true–it's expensive to do it over again.  How do you insure against failure the first time?  Find the best resources you can, and make the bold decision that you are not going to be short-sighted.  Rely on your long term view and commit to success from the start.


In a small to medium size company, this role is typically fulfilled by the 'visionary' at the top.  Unfortunately, the domain expertise possessed by that individual is often not well communicated to the developers.  Do not make the mistake of believing that your personal knowledge should be automatically obvious to your development resources.  Utilize a true business analyst to translate your vision into a tangible description that can be shared by all involved.


Once a business has been analyzed, it usually pays to review it for possible re-engineering.  A talented and experienced business architect can almost always find a more efficient means of accomplishing the same business goals.  More efficient business processes translate directly into improved financial performance.  Who doesn't want that?


Is your implementation all that it can be?  Is there 'low-hanging fruit', just waiting to be converted into profits, or used to reduce losses?  How can you know?  A qualified system analyst will provide you with the hard facts you need to make informed decisions that can spell the difference between failure and success.


If you are starting with a clean-slate, or you just don't know how to restructure your systems–a truly talented system architect can lay the foundation for reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.  Chose an amateur, and you will pay and pay and pay.


Is your data out-of-control?  Can't help but think your most critical information may become inaccessible due to performance bottlenecks or outright loss?  What direction should you be going in?  You cannot know until you have a trustworthy assessment or what you have.  If you are not a database analyst, you should be careful not to try to perform this complex task on your own.  Someday you may be held accountable for your actions.


Second only to the software architect, the database architect can make or break a company.  Remember, they design the foundation upon which much of your development resources will be invested.  Done right the first time, you will never know the pain you avoided.  If left to someone less than qualified you may never recover.  Foundations are very difficult to alter without risking all the structure they support.


This is where most small to medium size companies seek a 'soup to nuts' solution.  They very often mistake 'cheap' for 'cost effective'.  With bektek solutions, inc. you don't need to cut corners.  Use our software analyst services to dissect your current or proposed solutions.  You might be very surprised at what you uncover–as many of our competitors are–after we've performed an audit of their deliveries, which very often don't conform to the original terms of their contract.  Do not mistake a true software analyst with a 'programmer analyst'; they are not even the same species.


This is the role that should fit right between system architect and database architect.  More often than not, it's the only function actually performed (if at all).  Although you can stretch your budget by eliminating the other two, don't even dream of creating or changing software without the aid of a highly skilled software architect–you will fail.


These days, everyone you meet claims to be a software programmer.  Yes, this is the 'grunt' role of the software development process.  But do not mistake the effort required to 'pound out code' as menial labor.  A true software programmer is not expected to be an engineer; therefore, you must not try to press one into performing tasks for which they are not qualified.  Unfortunately, most programmers are more than eager to 'take on the world' by branching out into roles they cannot possibly fulfill.  Unguided programmers are a disaster waiting to happen.  Most lack the self-control, let alone an honest perspective of their personal limitations, to be trusted with anything other than implementation according to specifications from above (as per 'programming guidelines'–another often overlooked but critical asset to the programmer).  At bektek solutions, inc. we almost universally recommend that our clients hire their own programmers so that they have in-house expertise after we leave and trust our professional-grade 'programmers' to instill proper discipline and ensure the adoption of software programming 'best practices'.


When only the best will do, you need a 'true' software engineer.  A true software engineer begins their career in operating systems.  From hardware device drivers to database engines and everything in-between, a true software engineer has intimate knowledge ofin addition to direct hands-on experience with–virtually all core software technology in use today.  They use different tools than programmers, they work on problems that programmers cannot begin to fathom, they think differently.  They are different.  A true software engineer is often the only resource you can find to solve a problemhence their value.  Unfortunately, most development projects cannot cost-justify their full-time services.  Nor should you hire a software engineer posing as a software programmer–although valuable, they will not stay focused on traditional programming tasks.  Let bektek solutions, inc. fulfill this essential need.

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