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Searching for the elusive 'missing link' between your executive team and the troops?  Can't seem to bridge what's starting to become a catastrophic disconnect between your vision and what's coming off the production line?  Beginning to realize there are very few qualified candidates for this mission-critical role?

Your best laid plans will amount to little more than wasted resources if you fail to enlist the services of an experienced manager.  Whether oversight of product developmentor, the nuts and bolts affairs of a project managerthe Virtual Manager line of services from bektek solutions, inc. will ensure that your vision is accurately translated into successful products the first timeevery time.


Who's fulfilling the role of your in-house customer advocate?  You should be passionate about what you believe the market wantslet a professional from bektek solutions, inc. apply best practices to the task of translating your high-level vision into the details that are always the 'devil' of any product manager's life.  Make absolutely sure you have addressed your customers' mission-critical needs.


Think of a configuration manager as a combination account/bookkeeper for your software assets.  Just like your accountant 'configures' your books (i.e. chart of accounts, registers, etc), and your bookkeeper tracks financial transactionsand by extension financial assetsthrough the use of those books, a configuration manager does the same with your software assets.  Just as you would never dream of operating any business without some form of books, you should never even consider software development without a competent and experienced configuration manager.


This is the single most valuable service we offer.  There simply are no substitutes for experience.  In virtually all our rescue operations, inexperienced project managers are most often the primary source of failure.  Don't expect your executive team to have the time to manage the details.  Just as important–don't expect your junior staff to know how to implement best practices without experienced professional assistance.  You can be a master of the theory of this craft.  But, there's a world of difference between theory and practice.  Spend your money wisely.


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