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You have an excellent business plan.  Your core executive team is the envy of the competition.  You've even managed to line-up adequate funding for both product development and initial launch.  As planned, the business takes off.  After initially soaring like a rocket, it explodes, crashes, and burns.  What went wrong?

If you neglect to properly address the work-a-day roles of your technical staff; you will fail.  Whether entirely in-house, outsourced across several vendors, or a combination of the twothe Virtual Technician line of services from bektek solutions, inc. will allow you to maintain control.

Whether it's securing your digital assets, addressing critical deficiencies in your system infrastructure, or activating a disaster recovery plan–effective technicians are a rare combination of genes, education, and 'combat' training.  To the inexperienced, 'techs' appear to be both plentiful and 'cheap'.  In fact, truly qualified individuals are very difficult to find in any labor market.  In our experience, careful selection of technician resources will yield exceptional results.  Unfortunately, the inverse has proven time and again just how easy it is to destroy a successful business.

You need at least one qualified individual to oversee this mission-critical function.  Many companies cannot cost justify the professional level resource necessary to insure a proper launch, let alone support sustainable growth.  By leveraging bektek solutions, inc. 'metered' resources, you can 'have your cake and eat it, too'.  In the case of technician services, you will always save money by doing it right the first time.  You'll also save yourself from the inevitable pain associated with 'cheap' technician resources (i.e. unreliable service, unpredictable repair costs, irate customers, etc.).


This is an area of expertise which is routinely undervalued by the inexperienced.  Visit any professional shop, and you'll learn what it takes to actually keep a system fully operational.  All our resources have been thoroughly 'combat-tested'.


Often not a full-time requirement, this is an ideal service to outsource.  Let a professional from bektek solutions, inc. get it right the first time each and every time you need this highly technical service.

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